About Us

Eco – A future vision of Fitness

Sustainability is a concept that promotes equality between current and future generations. For a better today, we must apply sustainable solutions across all areas of human development to ensure that future generations can flourish tomorrow.

How does this apply to the fitness industry?

The global fitness industry is booming. From equipment manufacturing to gym design and operation, the fitness footprint looms large. Commercial gyms, functional facilities, weightloss and rehabilitation centres, as well as hotels are major consumers of the earth’s resources. Luckily, fitness consumers the world over are developing a deeper appreciation for the importance of mindfulness, wellness, and sustainability as it relates to fitness.

 In 2018, the number one wellness trend for 2018 was planetary healing. This goes to show that, whether you are operating a big-box commercial gym or small boutique fitness studio, the time is now to combine ideas of people, planet, and profits in your future vision of fitness.

Eco fitness is a forward thinking, proudly South African fitness outfit devoted to sourcing and distributing eco-friendly and sustainable fitness solutions, products and services. Our focus is to provide commercial gyms, functional fitness studios, hotels and rehabilitation centres across South Africa with eco-friendly options that will decrease their carbon footprint and save money in the longterm .

Our goal is to make an impact at all levels through our mindful and responsible APPROACH to commercial and home fitness.

Take a look at the equipment we have on offer and please contact us if you have any more questions. We are constantly searching for new and exciting eco-fitness solutions. We will be growing our offering, so keep an eye on this space.